The lost and found…

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The lost and found…

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The 4 years I spend with you guys is less colorful compared to what we may face tomorrow, but the joys, the tears, the smiles I had with you guys, is a magical timeline in something that we (especially me) will never forget to the day I rest eternally.

Do you Remember guys? when we go to Bali with only 300k(+-) per person when no one think it`s possible. we strive, we sell chips, tea, looking for sponsor, it was a tiring yet most achieving accomplishment we had among our college days, because my friend, I say it proudly, THAT has changed our lovely English education department tradition till now!!!  we may not be able to explore the whole part of the island but still, if you remember the effort, our waiting time in station, 2/3 days straight in a train, I promise and I believe those are more valuable than being able to go to all Bali hot spot with less effort, because everyone can go to Bali, maybe we will meet again in Bali, but having the experience like we had, emh,,, emh,,, I think only few know the satisfaction of it. The sense of achievement we had,,,  It was wonderful guys,,, wonderful…

And now,, I want to get a little bit subjective here

My best friend from Ciamis, Aip Saeful Uyun, one of the few man I respect, as a friend, as a mentor. I think it is not exaggerating to say that you are most honest and naïf person I have ever seen hehehe, i learn a lot from you ip, I know these days you have a problem. But believe me, a kind hearted and effortful kind of person like you will always be sought, will always have place in everyone`s heart, but if career is what you really want to strive for, be careful brother, life is as easy as pie if you know how to take your path, but if you don`t know it will hurt you in a lot of way,, but always remember, no matter how you fall, the most important part is how you can get on your feet and keep chasing your dream. Good luck brother…..

Eggy Graha, my awesome and multi talent competitor. Bro, do you remember when we usualy have debate , just the two of us  and the rest of the class just  shouting “stop, stop, stop” because we cannot admit one of us is wrong because…….. I AM RIGHT!!!! … hahahaha I miss that day brother…. I have to admit that  it is you who keep making me move forward, because having you having competitor such as you … making me feel want to get better and awesome-r. No less, I hope you will keep shaping your music skill, because you ARE really good at it. A simple advice that I believe you also know, combining your art and teaching skill will take you to another level kind of teacher….. I hope  you will get better competitor than me, so will also keep moving forward to reach your goal,,, good luck brother

THE best partner I have ever had, Fitriyani nurhalimah, I don’t know why brother (eh, I mean sister hehe) I think, as long as we are in one group, we are very sync , you know what I want, I know what you want, and especially you know what I need,  like doing my assignment, wkwkwkwkw…. and also that is why I always want to be in a same group as you….  As much as aip, you are also an effortful kind of person, maybe better, sorry aip, hehehehe  and knowing what you want to be after graduation will all always make me pray for your success, and if you need to use CORE resources just use it  with no hesitation brother,,,,,

The three musketeer Boim 377, Ilham dudiansyah, imam Budiman, Irfan Effendi, and the mentor: agan Rizal gantizar. brothers,,, how are you? Dimana maraneh koplak??? (kecuali ka agan, I know where you are,,, : reproducing,,,, heheheh)  Brothers,,, thank you for letting me being part of your life, I know I can be a really pain in the a**, especialy you im, inget pas ente bersin keur dahar, terus urang ngaluarkan sangu ti mulut tea, oh my god… I am so sorry bro,,, I let myself to get the worst out of me,, thank you for all of your patience, your understanding for having me as your friend, as your roommate, tetep kuliah bray,,, even if you don`t want to,,, please do that for the sake of your parent, you will always remember the smile they have when you graduate, when you make them proud,,,,, never stop kuliah brother,,,,,

Ani ardiani, the “most elegant” person I have ever known!!! Hehehehe you, yes you sister,,,, you are the very first person I know in PBI, your easygoing, your always-cheerful kind of personality, will always make me (I think it is just not me hehe) want to laugh or at least smile alongside you. Keep being like that, because I believe where ever you go, you will always be like a sun shining the room and everyone around you, you are a great addition to any group of people you belong to, also thank you for always be there whenever I need you, Doddy hardiansyah, you are lucky to have her, DO NOT ever let her go!!!

Doddy Hardiansyah, the dandy man!!! Hehehe you cannot let yourself going out of style do you? Hahaha but I guess that’s your strong point, no matter what they say about you, you never let anyone disturb or bother you. I like your confident, I really do! I hope I have that and your sense of style, I mean, when I stand beside you,  it`s like a begger and ralph lauren my bro!!!!!! hahahahaha you take care brother, oh and see you in paris in,,,,,,, 10 years? Amin,,, hehehe

The most koplak man, Aris setiawan. Oh my god…  are you out of your mind? wkwkwkw thank you for always cheering the class brother,,,, it was a really great experience knowing you, knowing you are there  in any kind of situation, you are hilarious in your own way, okay,,, you can be serious, but your seriousness is sometime, also makes me want to laugh, thank you brother for letting me stay in your place when I have nowhere to go, and thank you for grabbing my **** when there were only three of us with doddy that night,,I want to do it again,,,,, wkwkwkwkwkwkw

And here we are,, I save the last for the best, the best woman, best friend, best partner, best baturan gelut, and the most amazing lover that I have ever met, Diandini pratiwi, you, yes, you,,,,  with your patient, personality, heart, love, cute face, your dazzling smile and your irresistible-to-poke nose , hehehe. I am proud to say that I ever date a magnificent woman like you, with all your patient, effort, knowledge and especially love,,,, you have made my life brighter than more you can imagine,,, the smile that I had with you sometimes can beat every smile that I seen that day. You taught many thing, I believe everyone know how lazy I am to go everywhere, remember when I want to  go all the way to ciamis, a 4 hour drive (that`s a very long journey for me to meet a woman for me) to meet you, to meet your parent, to show them how serious I am to be together with you? Only you can make me so!!  You also taught me to how to treat a woman better, to respect my parent more, to understand girl`s feeling, and recently the best of all, how to be a better muslim, yes, you are the only one who can make me keep praying for one week straight (and counting of course) hehehe .  To sum it up, being with you, makes me a much better person. I also have thanked your parent for raising a wonderful child as you,,,, J  So sorry if I ever hurt you in any kind of way, I didn`t mean to, but because of my stupidity, I always kind of did, So sorry if I always makes you manyun even though all I want to see is your smile, It IS contradictive, but still, that`s the truth sister,,,,, I hope we can always be friend, like you also want, breaking up does not mean we cannot be friend anymore. And please, if you have any kind of trouble, please let me be the first person you tell, because seeing you hurt or even cry especially by me, makes me hurt, really hurt.  you will always, I mean ALWAYS, have a special place in my heart. Keep being an awesome daughter and sister like you always do. And I hope you can always get happiness no matter where it comes from, especially from your next partner in life…. ^_^

Brother… sister…. I have so many thing I want to tell to all of you, to Every more than 100 persons of you, my en-masse family,  but someday I will, I will write  EACH of your name, with your strange personality, your wicked character, your fantastic fun…. Always remember guys,,, I will always love you… dalam hidupku,,,, satu…. (lagu na UNGU mun teu salah mah)

Guys, there are many thing that we can achieve, but sometimes it is blocked by the way we thing, by the way we act (trust me I am there, in fact I am TRYING to get over it) so guys, please… as a friend I ask, do everything you want to do, but DO NOT do it half-heartedly, because if you do it so, you will be nowhere. Put your best effort in what you really want to do, in what you really want to achieve, be someone you want to be, or climb your career as high as you can be, but please… always remember, DO NOT chase the money, but chase the passion (poho ieu the ceuk saha hehehe). And in the end you will always get the best satisfaction from what you really do,,,,

“your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition … Stay hungry, Stay foolish” – STEVE JOBS

So sorry for not being able to be an outstanding leader (I kinda ashamed by myself, I DO) so sorry for not being a high quality human being around you, so sorry for every mistake that I have made, so sorry for always making girl crying (oh… my… god….. am I really that kind of a*****e?)  so sorry guys,,, I love you,,,, with all my heart… I love you….

From the man who is trying to be a better human, brother, son and  moslem

Adya Fradipta

Bandung, 18/3/2014