Self Hosted Autoresponder

Self Hosted Autoresponder

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So, now we have our own autoresponder software, even thought i won`t monetize it (yet). I believe it is useful to send some campaigns to the list created.

Now, the next step that we have to do is preparing the software

1. Installing Autoresponder

Documented, can be read easily depends on the software we use


2. Setting Bounce Servers

When we create a list, whether we  like it or not there would be some invalid email entered the list. so we need to create a bounce server in order to get a notification of email sending fail due to invalid email. Its easy,  just like adding email to email client. after the process dont forget to connect it to delivery servers


2. Pointing a Domain (Tracking Domain & Sending Domain)

To increase the chance of email landing on inbox (not on spam folder), the domain should be pointed. Because if we want to send a message from particular domain. lets say “” meaning either we have to install the software on that domain or we can just use tracking domain. all you have to do is define a cname (A) for the domain we use to install the autoresponder software (B).  Resulting A point to B.

After doing so, add the tracking domain to our self hosted autoresponder

Now, move to to sending domain option, here`s the steps:

  1. add domain name into sending domain form
  2. the app will autogenerate 2 TXT records that you have to add to DNS of the domain you want to use to send email
  3. verify the DNS records. due to propagation, you should wait up to 48 hours, but also it sometimes happen automatically


3. Setting Feedback Loop Servers.

There are cases when subscribers add our email to spam list, the reasons is plenty, but as an admin of the autoresponder we must add the feedback loop servers so we will receive this kind of notification. No need to mention the steps, its quite straightforward


4. Happy Blasting!