I loved revenge

I loved revenge

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Once,  I always thought that revenge was a sweet things, gives me pleasure,  tortures others with the same way they torture me…..

But now I’ve realized that none of them are true…  No…  Revenging just like drinking ocean water..  It just make your anger more thirsty….. And the worst is…  It destroy you…  Turn you into this….  Pathetic creature…

Yet,  even if I’ve come to that conclusion, I still find it hard to control this…  Anger,  the sadness,  the disappointment, The urge to make them suffer…..

Fortunately.  Listening to “change your brain,  change your life”  made me realize such thought is natural… And in some ways give me peace that gradually increasing…  Daniel. G. Amen, the author, called them ANT,  in short of Automatic Negative Thought.  So..  Don’t frustrate yourself by thinking that you are not a good person for having those negative thought.

So..  How to overcome those?  The easiest way is to talk to them!! Talk to to your ANTS!! Reason them why you don’t want to have them stay in your mind…  It sounds silly,  but once you get to control it..  It slowly changes you…  Yes..  It may not be instant…  But it’s definitely worth a try…  (trust me..  It works…  )

Second,  you can also try to manage them,  turn those negative into positive (lagu na the script…  )  change them into fuel to make your vision comes true…  BUT…  make sure you STATE (whether by saying, writing, screaming or crying…  ) that your intention is to make yourself better… To grow, to get better than your previous self…….. That..  Has to be your dominating thought and let the ANTS become voices in your head that will get smaller and disappear Overtime… I admit.. It’s absolutely hard at first…  Yet in the end..  It’s rewarding…  Definitely rewarding…