Perihal Mandi

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Mandi penting ya? Mandi emang aktifitas yang biasanya dilakukan setiap hari, bisa karena pengen bersih, pengen seger, pengen wangi, atau pengen ngapel. Tetapi yang menjadi pembicaraan disini adalah: apakah mandi emang wajib dilakukan 2 hari sekali? Menurut saya sih nggak ya, kenapa?  Pertama. Kalau nggak keluar rumah, logikanya kotoran yang menempel di tubuh akan lebih sedikit (bukan berarti nggak ada ya) dibanding dengan kita yang berkegiatan di luar rumah. Makanya saya sih biasanya kalau mesti keluar rumah lebih suka ngagebrus aja, biar fresh. Tapi ya kalau memang acaranya formal atau ketemu sama ehm ehm, baru mandi. Nah, baru setelah sampai…

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stepping stone

Stepping Stone

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i admit that i envy some of my friend who have gone abroad,,,, i too have a chance but unfortunately i have a tendency to blow everything off,, ah,,, it sucks to be me. but right now i dont want to regret anything. this is my life, i have been given a chance but i didn`t take it. so all i want to do now is collecting my friends information who has gone abroad and turn them into my motivation, my own stepping stone, because someday i want to  prove that this choice of mine is not a mistake, it…

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The lost and found…

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The 4 years I spend with you guys is less colorful compared to what we may face tomorrow, but the joys, the tears, the smiles I had with you guys, is a magical timeline in something that we (especially me) will never forget to the day I rest eternally. Do you Remember guys? when we go to Bali with only 300k(+-) per person when no one think it`s possible. we strive, we sell chips, tea, looking for sponsor, it was a tiring yet most achieving accomplishment we had among our college days, because my friend, I say it proudly, THAT…

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Waiting Time…

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There will come a time for human to wait for something, to strive for something. but something that we have to bear in mind is that do something positive in waiting! so, if we hopefully get what we have been waiting for, the taste of victory will be much sweeter, yet if we cant achieve it, at least you have changed to be better for the waiting period ahead of us so,, stay positive brother!!!

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how to sell yourself

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so,, my friend ask me why getting hired is difficult for some people , i answer that it lies on how we sell ourselves, and he replied, if its so essential how to do it then, i reply : IMHO since we want to be hired it IS essestial to sell ourselves. and for doing so, its related to other sets of skill like communication, presentation, knowing who we really are, what we are passionate about, being unique etc.. we can learn it from experience, whether from our own experience or others` by listening , reading books, watching movies, etc… so..…

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I loved revenge

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Once,  I always thought that revenge was a sweet things, gives me pleasure,  tortures others with the same way they torture me….. But now I’ve realized that none of them are true…  No…  Revenging just like drinking ocean water..  It just make your anger more thirsty….. And the worst is…  It destroy you…  Turn you into this….  Pathetic creature… Yet,  even if I’ve come to that conclusion, I still find it hard to control this…  Anger,  the sadness,  the disappointment, The urge to make them suffer….. Fortunately.  Listening to “change your brain,  change your life”  made me realize such thought…

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