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Adya Fradipta

An Internet marketing enthusiast with tons of passion in chasing curiosity


Adya Fradipta - Internet marketing Enthusiast

I`m a simple man, that`s why it`s essential in my life to look for the easiest and most effective way in doing things (some people call it laziness, but i believe it has a great gap as huge as the wall in Game of Throne). I got lots of thing i love to do like browsing, swimming, cycling, reading, photography, photo editing, designing, SEO, watching, gaming, listening music (ah... it`s hard to do things without music in my ear) etc.


Still developing the following skill... - scale based on normal language usage (not professional)

Mass marketing
Direct Marketing
Affiliate marketing
Social Media
Content Marketing
Video Marketing

See? my skill is still far away from perfect....

so till this day, stop learning has never come to my mind,,


never stop learning,,,, never stop growing,,,,


Founder - Tutor

Here, mostly i tutor my underclassman. Since were just a university back then Me & my friend thought of a way how to expand our experience, knowledge and pocket... hehehe . So.. there we were,, founding this course and yeah,,, it IS an remarkable experience for us, especially for me :D

2012 - 2013


Designer & Marketer

here i have a duty to support any visual identity and also i`m in charge of SEO research, actually i kinda blank in internet marketing stuff, yet when i`ve done it, live with it, it starts to be part of my life, and the most important part is that i`m happy about it… looks like it will be my way to reach my destiny. To get an “additional pocketmoney” i`m also selling the products, getting two bird with one stone broh!  i can apply my SEO knowledge and get more juice…. not so bad….

100% English Club

English Tutor

As a tutor, i was expected to educate and aid student there to achieve their dream. Here i learned how to be a good taecher and a good friend. since most of them is pretty small in age, it took a lot patience to be among them. yet, being there together with my student always bring me happiness and comfort, it feels like my burden was lifted away.

2011 - 2012
2008 - 2009

Al-Basyariyah Elementary School

English Teacher And Dorm Manager

Elementary School Teacher is mostly about patient and love especially a boarding school like Al-Basyariyah, where i needed to grow empathy, affection, patience and many others related to children. But i must say this is one of the best turning point in m life, because before this, it was impossible for me to be a teacher. I mean, several years back, i thought that being teacher is not a choice, because  it`s a low paid job, stressful and not to mention the difficulty of having to educate others children. “Why do i have take care of other children? i have my own problem!!!” That`s what i usually thought when someone suggest me to be a teacher. BUT IT ALL CHANGED!!!! It`s when i entered classroom, i taught and reached a point where i can see a sparkle in my student`s eyes when they understood what i taught. and THAT is what i called a gem of life.

Oh and anyway, teaching English in Elementary School is awesome!!! We could  be a children, and play lots of game of course!!! yeay!!!


formal achievement....

S. Pd (Sarjana Pendidikan)

UIN Sunan Gunung Djati

2015 / March


Ah.. organization, voluntary event, group, and the blooming of Adya fradipta`s love.... hehehe

Senior High School Certificate

Al-basyariyah Senior High School

2008 / April

Grade : 7.06

Juvenile... time.... but no.. not any juvenile delinquency act done,,, should i proud or pity myself?

High School certificate

Al-basyariyah High School

2005 / JUNE

Forgot... wwkwkw

Far from home, learning to stand on my own. More experiences earned compared to Elementary School

Elementary school certificate

Al-basyariyah Elementary school

2002 / JUNE

Grade : 7.93

A Simple children life. fun, engaging, full of wild adventurous passion imagination, one best phase of life


just a messy work of mine,,,

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just a scratch of a man`s life,,,,

biggest fear right now…

sometimes.. i ask myself… may i be loved? may i feel that extraordinary feeling again? what if i cant fulfill the expectation? i know it sounds stupid and mostly…..pathetic.. but i’m afraid… i`m afraid to be in love again…



If I may choose, I’d rather being praised for something I strive for.   Not because of my car, not because  of my house, not because of my bike, but because of my hard work. Because that’s what really matters. The rest are just bonuses.  And after that, I hope there is someone reminding me […]


mi padre :D

  1.  Gracias por todo 2.  Gracias por tus sacrificios 3.  Su ejemplo me inspira 4.  Hoy te invito yo 5.  Eres el mejor papá del mundo 6.  Eres realmente todo un caballero con nosotras 7.  Gracias por estar siempre ahí cuando te necesito 8.  Para el mejor papá 9.  Un fuerte abrazo para tí […]


what i try to avoid #3

Kurang terlalu suka kalau ada yang ngomongin kejelekan orang dibelakang dan saya ada di sekitarnya… Apalagi bilang nya ke saya, ya… Bukannya sa tak pernah ngomongin orang… Kalau pun sa sendiri yang ngomongin orang… Udah na pasti g enak dan nyesel naha bet ngomongin tu orang sesudahnya…. Ada beberapa alasan: . 1. Kalau dia ngomongin […]


My lazy journey buat punya 50 akun ig, tiap akun minimal punya10.000 followers dalam waktu kurang dari setaun

DISCLAIMER: Tulisan ini untuk konsumsi pribadi, as a self reminder juga, jadi jangan kaget kalau liat tanda baca awut awutan (pisan! Hahaha), bahasa campur aduk DLL. Berhubung ini buat sendiri, terlalu malas kalau menulis untuk menumpahkan pikiran tapi harus mikirin yang begituan. Please respect my choice, and i`ll respect yours 😀 ——————————————- Marketing-data research firm […]


I loved revenge…

Once,  I always thought that revenge was a sweet things, gives me pleasure,  tortures others with the same way they torture me….. But now I’ve realized that none of them are true…  No…  Revenging just like drinking ocean water..  It just make your anger more thirsty….. And the worst is…  It destroy you…  Turn you […]



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